1. new trizzy from the new rizzy, out in the fizzy.

  2. new record out 2/12 on crash symbols. pre-order the cassette here <3 


    i’ve been recording a half hour of improv to tape every night (that i can) at midnight, making a one of a kind j-card paper collage for it, hand painting it, and including a hand writ journal entry from the day that it was recorded. you will be the only person to hear whatever recording you receive, and the only person to see that artwork, unless you decide to share it with somebody. this is a short clip that i ripped from one of the tapes as a preview/idea of what they might sound like. some of the tapes are more uptempo/beat driven, some are floaty like this one. some are happy, some are sad, some are gooder some are bad. if you want one they are $15-20 dollars, 20 being the suggested price, 15 being the price for those not currently in the best financial situation. if you shoot me a message or an email with your address, and paypal the 15 or 20 to littlespoonduhh@gmail.com , i’ll send your tape out the following weekday. please share, tell your friends, tell your mom, anybody. if these sell out fast i’m going to do another set of 30. i love each and every one of you ♥